Personal Training

Personal Training


Decide. Commit. Succeed.

This is not your practice life

We recognise that everyone is an individual, who requires a bespoke personal training programme to achieve their goals.

We will create a regime specifically tailored for you, taking into account current fitness, potential injuries, limitations and nutrition. You can choose to purchase packages or pay monthly (no gym membership fee on top). It’s your choice. Designed to be progressive and challenging, the plan will take you through all facets of fitness development, making sure that you are not just leaner, but also stronger, more flexible, more stable and agile. We guarantee our commitment, alongside your own, will deliver results.

Fat loss

Fat loss is one of the most common yet challenging goals, and the approach is different for each and every individual. We need your commitment to your training and nutrition for you to get results.

Body Building

Muscle building isn’t just for clients looking to build or alter their physique. This package is designed for those also looking to improve strength gains or increase muscle mass from injury or surgery rehabilitation.

Pre & post-natal

With so much change happening physically both pre and post birth it has never been so important to look after your body*. *Training should commence no sooner than 6 weeks after birth for post natal clients and later for those who have had caesarean section or birth complications. Please consult your GP before starting a new exercise programme.  

Complimentary Consultation

All clients are offered a complimentary no obligation consultation. We discuss your needs and goals, a health check is done and your nutrition discussed and analysed. During this time you can see whether personal training is suitable for you. Ad hoc programmes to work with your PT: **Nutrition Plan £40 pcm or £55 one-off (includes measurements, plans, recipes and tracking) **Programme £40 pcm (4 week cycle training blocks) or £55 one-off

Our Trainers

Marie Lipscomb


I have been in the Fitness Industry for over 12 years. I completed a Sport Science Degree at Brunel University.

My life has been sport from growing up as a child to now, I live to watch it, coach it and do it. I love to make a difference however big or small to people’s lives through fitness.

I’m in my thirteenth year running my Personal Training Company and have been coaching CrossFit for over 7 years. I may be known as a ‘tough love’ coach but only because I want you to accomplish something you thought you could never do, and that’s when my soft side comes out!

I have had a few major setbacks in my own ‘fitness’ and I think that this has helped me be an even better coach having to come back from a life changing operation.


1:1 Session x 1


1:1 Session x 5


1:1 Session x 10


2:1 Session x 1


2:1 Session x 5


2:1 Session x 10


Group PT:

£ on request

PT at private premises:

POA. To include travel time as extra.

An overweight individual who hadn’t exercised in years; willpower locked and bolted in the cupboard, I genuinely did not know where to turn, believing I was destined for a life of yo-yo dieting and being unfit. Marie is a personal trainer that genuinely cares for her clients. She has pushed me into a world I never thought possible. In the few weeks I have been training, I am already running further than I imagined, doing dead lifts, boxing and of course the dreaded burpees! I have yet to repeat a training session with Marie, which means it is always exciting, challenging and fun. Did I mention challenging!? Marie trains complete novices (me) to professional level; she is flexible with dates and times and is always on the end of phone to provide support guidance and cajoling to do more training!

MG, Bourne End